Fees for matters

We believe in transparency. That’s why we include our criminal law fees on our website.

You know in advance exactly what we charge and why.

Our criminal law fees vary depending on several factors such as how many charges are you facing, the complexity of the matter, the complexity of any legal issues involved and the volume of material to be considered and analysed. 

We will discuss the fees we expect to be incurred with you and provide you with a Cost Agreement that makes it clear what fees are required at each stage of a matter.

We don’t charge for an initial consultation and you can decide after that meeting or phone conference if you wish to engage us to represent you. Like every stage of your court matter, it’s up to you.

In certain circumstances we are able to offer funding through Victoria Legal Aid for criminal matters in the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts.

Click below to see a guide as to our fees for matters in each jurisdiction or contact us for more information.

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