Get your life back.

We are a specialist criminal law firm representing persons accused of various offences.

Being charged with a criminal offence
can ruin your life.

You can lose your job, your family and your freedom.

The Criminal Justice System is complex.

Without expert assistance you could be convicted of an offence you did not commit.

We provide specialist criminal law advice and representation

from the moment of your first contact with police until the final resolution of your matter in Court.

Our focus is securing the best possible outcome
for you and your family.

Focusing On You

We believe that every person charged with an offence deserves an experienced criminal law specialist to advocate for them.

We pride ourselves on our clear communication, efficient planning and personalised service. You can be assured that our focus is the protection of your rights and securing the best possible outcome for you and your family.

With offices in both Ballarat and Geelong, Adrian Paull Criminal Lawyers regularly appear in all courts throughout western Victoria – from Warrnambool to Shepparton. In addition, we also represent clients in Melbourne and the suburban courts. With the recent adoption of the Online Magistrates Court and remote appearances in the other court jurisdictions, both solicitors and accused persons are able to appear in any court in Victoria at short notice.

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Key Areas of Service

Searched. Arrested. Interviewed. Charged.

No matter what has happened, we can help.